Orbbec Astra SDK

  • Approachable yet sophisticated API. This means you can focus on your world-changing ideas faster, but when the time comes to dig in deep you aren’t held back by an overly simplistic API.
  • Support for Windows, Linux, and Android
  • More than 10 samples, with more on the way, covering the most important aspects of the SDK, include simple sensor access, stream visualization, and hand tracking.
  • Press ‘D’ keyboard shortcut for using Astra Embedded S and Astra Stereo S in SimpleDepthViewer-SFML, SimpleBodyViewer-SFML and MaskedColorViewer-SFML
  • Press ‘N’ keyboard shortcut in MaskedColorViewer-SFML to mirror color stream
  • Robust hand tracking
  • Native C and C++11 API
  • .NET/C# wrapper
  • Java wrapper
  • Unity wrapper – distributed separately
  • Orbbec Body Tracking integration
  • Extensive documentation

New features and improvements for the Astra SDK 2.0.18:

  • Hotfix for Astra Pro
  • Added support to setting body orientation
  • Added APIs to rotate frames 
  • Added RotatedBodyViewer-SFML to show how to use the above APIs. Press ‘O’ keyboard shortcut can change body orientation. 
  • Added license checking via internet 
  • Various internal code cleanup and bug fixes  
  • Detailed updates list can be found inside the SDK package