Orbbec Persee

The world’s first 3D camera with a fully functioning computer. Designed with a powerful ARM processor and our Astra Pro 3D camera, this unique combination enables you to develop creative, intelligent computing experiences.

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Orbbec Astra

Orbbec Astra

A powerful and reliable 3D camera with VGA color and superior long-range depth tracking. Designed to be highly compatible with existing applications.

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Orbbec Astra Mini

Designed with compactness in mind. Astra Mini is optimized for long-range use cases, which makes it great for interactive systems, entertainment, retail, and robotics.

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Our 3D world needs computers that can see in 3D. Use the Orbbec Astra family of 3D cameras and the Orbbec Persee camera-computer to make creative, intelligent applications that see, hear, understand, and make sense of the world around them.

  • Persee is the world’s first 3D camera that’s also a fully functioning computer. It streamlines 3D development so you don’t have to waste time getting set up. You can focus on the important stuff: creating amazing apps.
  • Astra 3D cameras are better than other cameras on the market today in all the ways that matter: highest depth resolution, superior range, exceptional accuracy, and lowest latency.

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Customer Benefits of 3D

Our high-performance Orbbec Astra 3D cameras are already being used by makers, entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses to bring their ideas and solutions to life.

Key use cases

Digital ArtDigital Art

If you’re an artist, you can build new, interactive experiences and installations. Orbbec Persee and Orbbec Astra 3D cameras can recognize human beings, respond to people in real time, and have superb 3D point cloud plus 2D color cameras that create versatile visualizations of our world.

Home & WorkHome & Work

Tinker with and automate your daily routine. Orbbec 3D cameras let you track and respond to humans, and even see in the dark. Deliver your next presentation slideshow via gesture. Automatically track your cat’s movements. Control the lights and music at your next party.


Researchers need state-of-the-art 3D cameras for a variety of projects, including work that’s focused on machine perception, accessibility, early childhood education, and therapies. Our devices are excellent for computer vision, people and object tracking, and VR/AR.


Add vision and autonomous navigation to your drones and robotics projects, You can even use Persee’s powerful ARM CPU as your robot’s brain.

3D Scanning and Printing3D Scanning and Printing

Scan the objects, people, and places in your world. The precision of Orbbec 3D cameras is perfect for creating highly accurate 3D models. You can use these models in games, art projects, or 3D printing.

Interactive ProjectsInteractive Projects

Orbbec 3D cameras are excellent for makers and hackers, with Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android support as well as creative coding frameworks and languages, including Processing, openFrameworks, and Unity 3D.

Coding PlatformCoding platform

Learn to code, or use it to teach others. Go deep with Linux development with Persee. How better to learn programming than a computer that can respond to people, objects, and environments?

EntrepreneurialEntrepreneurial/Innovative businesses

There are numerous businesses using 3D sensors that will benefit from our technology: manufacturing & industry, workplace and vocational training, robot assistants, healthcare and physical rehab, retail, home automation, education, gaming, and more.

What makes our 3D tech special?

Longest Range– With a range of 0.4m – 8m, Orbbec 3D cameras are excellent for a wide range of scenarios, including gesture control, robotics, 3D scanning, and many new areas not possible until now.

Above: The picture on the left shows the depth map when the right one show its corresponding color image.

The camera is able to capture clear depth map for a person positioned 6 meters away.

Exceptional Accuracy – Orbbec 3D cameras offer depth measurement accurate to within 0.5 centimeters at a distance of 2 meters, enabling developers to create apps with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Above: The camera is able to capture the thickness of the CD cover, clearly see the fingers,

and the detail of the toy house 1 meter away.

Highest Resolution – With smoother gradients, precise contours, and the ability to filter out low-quality depth pixels in a way other cameras cannot, Orbbec 3D cameras are exceptional for 3D scanning and point cloud development. Astra Pro also includes a 720p HD color camera and the ability to stream all of this data via USB 2.0.

How our 3D camera works

Astra Pro computes depth data by using structured light technology, which recovers the 3D positions of points on an object by projecting a pattern with known features on it then performing 3D reconstruction on image correlation and triangulation bias.

The powerful Orbbec 3D chip that comes with the Astra Pro makes it capable of computing depth maps at SXGA resolution (1280 x 1024), which is three times higher than other products on the market. Combining the patented 3D reconstruction algorithm, Astra Pro can easily output high-accuracy VGA (640 x 480) raw depth stream without heavy post processing such as interpolation.

With an embedded UVC RGB sensor, Astra Pro maximizes the bandwidth usage of USB 2.0 to allow users to stream HD RGB and VGA depth at 30 FPS simultaneously. This impressive design not only achieves low power consumption and heat radiation but also allows people to use Astra Pro even on low spec processing units.

How our 3D camera works

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