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This best-in-class standalone 3D camera includes our proprietary 3D microchip and a 720p color sensor. It has superior depth resolution, the lowest latency on the market today, and an exceptional level of accuracy. With a 0.6m – 8m range, Astra 3D cameras are excellent for a wide range of scenarios, including gesture control, robotics, 3D scanning, and point cloud development.

Creative codes, makers, and innovative businesses are ordering Astra Pro for use in offices, classrooms, museums, hospitals, retail spaces, research labs, industrial settings, and more.

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Which 3D camera is right for you?

We have short- and long-range versions of both the Astra and the Astra Pro cameras. The one that’s right for you depends on your usage plans. The size, weight, and external casing of the cameras are the same, and both Astra and Astra Pro include the same 3D chip and 3D depth sensor.

  • The primary differences between the cameras are that Astra Pro includes a 720p@ 30 frames-per-second 2D color camera, while the Astra includes a VGA @ 30 frames-per-second 2D color camera.
  • Additionally, Astra was developed to be highly compatible with existing OpenNI applications—making it the ideal camera for pre-existing apps that were built with OpenNI.
  • Short-range version of Astra S has a 0.4- to 2-meter tracking range, compared to Astra and Astra Pro long-range cameras that have a 0.6- to 8-meter range. You can see full technical specs for Astra Pro below.

Astra Pro technical specs

Orbbec Astra Pro Top View

The Specifics


160 x 30 x 40 mm


0.3 kg


0.6 – 8m (Optimal 0.6 – 5m)

Depth Image Size

640*480 (VGA) @ 30FPS

RGB Image Size

1280*720 @ 30FPS (UVC Support)

Field of View

60° horiz x 49.5° vert. (73° diagonal)

Data Interface

USB 2.0



Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Android


USB 2.0


Orbbec Astra SDK + OpenNI

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