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Our high-performance Orbbec Astra 3D cameras are already being used by makers, entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses to bring their ideas and solutions to life.

Sprout G2

On CES 2017, HP has a new Sprout called the Pro G2, which the company says is a completely redesigned device, featuring "a higher resolution projection, more powerful processing, advanced 3D scanning and a more accurate precision active pen for drawing compared to the previous model."

Starry Night

VanGogh Imaging is one of the world’s leading computer vision teams. They create computer vision solutions that work with leading depth sense cameras that enable designers and developers to easily create photorealistic 3D models for AR/VR applications.



Gestoos™ is an AI platform for cameras and sensors enabling them to see and understand real-time human movement and behavior in any environment or context.


CORE, released by Enliteon, is a portable people counting/tracking software that can turn a 3D camera to a people counting device. More information can be found on their official website.


As a leading humanoid robotics group, PAL Robotics helps you to integrate cutting-edge robotics research in your business. Innovate with humanoid robots that guide, compliment and help your guests, or use a robotic platform to make the inventory automatically.


With RecFusion you can create 3D models of people, pets, furniture and many other objects, even your motorcycle! All you need is a depth-sensor.

3DiVi Inc.

3DiVi Inc. developed NUITRACK™ - the industry leading 3D body tracking middleware for Android and iOS smart devices. Develop new or port your existing Windows applications developed for Kinect, PrimeSense, Asus Xtion sensors to Android!
Use Orbbec Persee Android computer and Nuitrack Body Tracking SDK.


Body Scanning is used to provide accurate body measurements in practical applications and to improve the overall customer experience.


Tricolops uses the Orbbec 3D depth sensor to dimension parcels in less than a second and accurate to 0.2". It is easy to use and setup, and work seamlessly with existing scales, rollers, and conveyors.


Dubllik is a complex 3D scanner which builds a 3D digital copy of a person. Dubllik wil scan for 30 seconds, build a 3D copy of the person automatically measuring their body parts, showing body changes according to the 3D model. Scanner occupies a floor space of 2 m2.

Lumo Play

Lumo Play interactive floor and wall software includes an app market, creation tools, and remote content management. Designed with the Orbbec Astra camera in mind, Lumo can help you make any surface interactive, no matter what your level of expertise. Try it free!

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