Gesturing is natural. In normal conversation, you never think “What shall I do with my hands?”. In normal conversation, your hands and arms are probably gesturing without you giving them any conscious thought. If you stand back and observe the people around you will see a room full of animation and energy, with natural gestures to go along with what they’re saying. That’s because gesturing is normal and natural.

Orbbec has seized on this idea in its quest to “Get 3D Right”. To make its cameras more intuitive to the average user, Orbbec will be launching the Orbbec Body Tracking SDK. Orbbec Body Tracking enables computers to use the 3D data from Orbbec 3D cameras to see and understand human bodies. The first release will include full-body skeleton tracking, where the skeleton joints for each visible human are identified and tracked over time, and body masks, where the system identifies human silhouettes as separate from the background.

Hand and body gesture technology makes users lives simpler, achieving “hands free” interaction by eliminating the need to hold a device or press a button. Applications for hand gesture technology include scrolling or shifting between screens with simple hand movements, and changing the channel or adjusting the volume on a TV without the use of a remote. Users can even use hand gestures to browse through content while viewing images or videos on their computers or large-screen devices. There are hundreds of possible applications including medical devices, human computer interaction, entertainment, creative industry and so much more. In the future, gesture control with Orbbec 3D sensors will become a part of everyday life.

Orbbec has plans to start a public test of its Orbbec Body Tracking software in September 2017. The first release will be compatible with the Windows OS. If you have any questions please contact: Orbbec at Android and other OS support will be announced shortly.

Orbbec is a 3D camera manufacturer that was founded in 2013 and was the first company to design and manufacture a 3D camera computer, the Persee. Orbbec has spent the past four years getting 3D right—perfecting its Orbbec Astra family of 3D cameras. Learn more about Orbbec by visiting its website,