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The 3D camera manufacturer Orbbec is highlighting the many potential applications of its technology at CES 2020. The company’s cameras offer object, face, and gesture recognition in addition to 3D measurement and mapping capabilities, and have already been deployed in thousands of products for the international market.

The main attraction at CES is a biometric smart lock that utilizes facial recognition. The lock offers financial-grade liveness detection and is intended for security and access control in a variety of settings.

The company has also partnered with six different companies to showcase other applications of its tech. For example, Bear Robotics has developed a restaurant food service robot, while Light Guide Systems has created an AR industrial training platform. Both solutions are built with Orbbec’s Astra Mini camera.

“Orbbec’s 3D cameras and sensors are essential to our robot’s ability to perform complex navigation and obstacle avoidance in these environments,” explained Bear Robotics CTO and Co-Founder Fangwei Li.

Other highlights include an OPPO smartphone, an aisle-clearing robot from IAM Robotics, and an Elo self-checkout system that leverages facial recognition to authorize payments. Cogvis has deployed an Astra camera in a fall detection system for the elderly, while the Orbbec Persee is a people counter that gathers data about foot traffic and customer behavior.

“The ability for AI-enabled robots and devices to both see and recognize the world around them is changing scores of industries,” said Orbbec Co-Founder and Engineering Director David Chen.

All of the various solutions will be on display throughout CES 2020 at Booth #21317 in South Hall 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Orbbec’s smart lock is not the first biometric lock to arrive in the past few years, though most of its competitors have opted for fingerprint rather than facial recognition. Both Tapplock and Hampton Products (which makes the BenjiLock) are showcasing new technology at CES 2020.

January 7, 2020 – by Eric Weiss