For retail stores that utilize camera-based traffic and conversion programs, the key to a successful program is acquiring data that can be trusted and is accurate. Regular 2D cameras and traditional counting techniques are just not accurate enough for today’s tough retail world. Orbbec understands that without confidence in the data, managers will question the traffic counts instead of applying the insights to improve traffic performance.

There are two main points that benefit 3D people counters. The first point is definitely the accuracy. 2D People Counters may be enough for getting an overall grasp of the in-store traffic. However, 3D technology provides better precision and increased counting accuracy by 5-8%. This difference in accuracy becomes more crucial as the traffic of a physical place increases. This alone puts 3D counters on a different level. The second feature that allows stores to get close to pure data is its ability to count children and adults separately. Since these devices can calculate depth, they can deduct children from the total count. Why is this fact important? Because children, shopping with their parents, are not true customers.

With the growing importance for accurate retail analytics, Orbbec has partnered with middleware providers like Enliteon. Their software is using Orbbec’s advanced 3D sensors to give retail companies a true picture of store traffic.  These cameras provide real-time people counting and tracking; measurement of body types and objects. Finally, they even allow you to tag people by body features, after you tag them you can monitor the tagged people and how they move around the store.

In a very short amount of time 3D cameras will be the go-to solution for retail businesses who need to monitor their traffic and increase their conversion rate.