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Job Position Location Submission Deadline
Electronics Engineer Troy, MI 2022-06-08

Job responsibilities:

As an Electrical Designer with Orbbec 3D Technology International, perform the following designs:

Electronic design

·         Validating electrical systems for 3D cameras and Industrial cameras. Prototyping

·         Designing the circuits of the 3D cameras and Industrial cameras

·         Drawing the schematics for the camera systems

PCB design

·         Working with Mechanical engineer to design and layout the PCB.

·         Working with Suppliers for the manufactory of PCBs.

FPGA design

·         Creating IPs using VHDL

·         Performing the block design of the FPGA (Xilinx) hardware in Vivado.

·         Creating software code for the drivers and base functions of the FPGA system

·         Designing the peripheral circuits for the FPGA

Firmware design

·         Modifying the UVC firmware (from FX3) to make it compatible with the Industrial Camera application

Embedded software design

·         Working with the software team to implement the software algorithm on the 3D camera system.

Product verification and testing

·         Verifying the function of the prototypes and products

·         Working with the test engineer to test and debug the products.

Job requirements:

Must have a master degree in Electrical Engineering. Must have taken graduate courses in the following: Analog Electronics; Electro-Magnetic Compatibility; Hardware Software Codesign FPGA; Hardware Design with VHDL; Advanced Embedded System Design; Microprocessor based System Design; Embedded System design with FPGA and Embedded System Validation and Verification

Please mail resumes to Qing Li at Orbbec 3D Technology International, Inc., 2800 Livernois Road, Suite 220, Troy, MI 48083

If you are instersted, please email your resume to:Qing Li at Orbbec 3D Technology International, Inc., 2800 Livernois Road, Suite 220, Troy, MI 48083
Software Engineer C++ Troy, MI 2022-04-30

Job responsibilities:

·         3D depth calculation algorithm and SDK development using C/C++

·         Image processing algorithm deployment

·         Software porting, integration and testing

·         Create sample applications, demos and documentations based on current SDK

·         Realize basic algorithms as specific requirements using maintainable and modular code

·         Participate in regular team meetings for current backlog and challenges

·         Participate project update meetings to give your project status update to management team

·         Challenge your fellow team members to grow and enhance our team with new, diverse talent

Job requirements:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science

·         1+ years of experience in C/C++ development

·         Experience of software development using SDK on Windows and Linux

·         Knowledge of digital image processing

·         Strong written and oral communication skills

·         Desire to learn new software skills, technologies and tools.

Qualification preferred

·         Experience of GitLab or GitHub for version control

·         Development experience of digital image processing

·         Experience of image processing using MATLAB

·         Experience of driver or API development on any platform

If you are instersted, please email your resume to:jobs@orbbec3d.com