Orbbec Demonstrates the Future of 3D Technologies At CES 2023

  • 2023.01.06
  • David Chen

 2023 INTERNATIONAL CES / LVCC, North Hall 1, BOOTH 10838 —From robotics to AI, gaming to retail checkouts, the future depends on devices that can not only see objects and people, but also recognize them. Orbbec is demonstrating the implementation of its products and systems with those capabilities at 2023 CES, giving attendees a look at the next big advances in 3D-enabled technology.

Every year, Orbbec has used this show to launch a new product that has been transformative in the year ahead. 2023 is no different! At CES, you can expect to see an ever-expanding line of 3D cameras spanning from ToF camera and many more.

Orbbec has teamed up with different partners to showcase the abilities of embedded 3D cameras. Below are the different Demo’s you will see from Orbbec:


·       NEW ORBBEC Products: We are launching a bunch of new products at this year CES, which includes New TOF, Structured light, and Stereo Vision cameras, New Lidar, and High precision industrial grade 3D Scanner.

·       Unforgettable Experience in Fitness: You will experience an in-home training session, professional fitness training and body shape management all with the advanced 3D technologies. Your professional and wellness have never been such easy and clear to manage.

·       Professional Logistic and Warehouse Management: Accurate dimensioning is increasingly important for smart logistic and warehouse management, with 3D technology added, the storage capacity, packing and shipping operation can be more efficient and accurate

·       And Many More: Autonomous Service Robot help retailers facing the labor shortage; Kid interactive device takes care of your child and give you a carefree shopping experience; biometric identification understands your needs on higher security level; And advanced Eye-tracking is paving the way to the future in countless fields and industries.

Orbbec is dedicated to designing sensors that see the world in 3D and creating an open space where intelligent computing can flourish. The new 3D cameras are affordably priced and universally available. Orbbec is making its vision a reality.

Orbbec will be demonstrating use case and partner solutions employing its 3D camera technologies throughout 2023 CES from its exhibit at North Hall, Booth 10838 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more about Orbbec, check out www.orbbec3d.com