Astra 2

Astra 2 is the second generation of Orbbec’s structured light product. It’s equipped with latest Orbbec designed ASIC chip for high quality depth processing.

Astra 2 supports frame sync, multi-camera sync with high resolution and high stability depth data. Compared to the widely used Astra series, Astra 2 brings improvements in every aspect and is considered one of the most advanced 3D cameras in the market.

Product Specifications

Product Astra 2
Dimensions 145 x 35 x 36 mm
Range0.6m - 8m
TechnologyStructured Light
Depth FoVH58° x V46° x D70°
RGB FoV H75° x V46° x D82°
Depth Resolution FoVUp to 1600 x 1200 @ 30 fps
RGB Resolution FramerateUp to 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
Precision≤ 3mm@1000mm
Power InputUSB Type-C
Operating SystemsWindows/Linux/Android
Power ConsumptionAverage ≤ 6W,Peak ≤ 6.5W
Data TransferUSB3.0/USB2.0

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