Gemini E

The Gemini E camera module is designed based on Orbbec's technology to obtain the depth image and color image of the object. This small camera will give you the high performance you need for any depth sensing project. A great camera for Robotic applications

Product Specifications

Product Gemini E
Dimensions 89.82 ×25.10 × 25.10 mm
Range0.2m -2.5m
TechnologyActive Stereo IR
Depth Resolution FramerateUp to 1024x768 @10FPS
RGB Resolution Framerate Up to 1920x1080 @30FPS
Depth FoVH 79° V 62° D 91° ±3°
RGB FoVH 84.3° V 53.6° D 92.2° ±3°
Precision1% @1m
Power InputUSB Type-C
Operating SystemsWindows/Linux/Android
Power ConsumptionAverage ≤ 2.3W
Data TransferUSB 2.0

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