Orbbec was founded in January 2013, focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of the state of art 3D sensors.

Please send an email to info@orbbec3d.com. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Yes! The IR projection module uses an infrared laser; however, the laser is very low power (class 1, similar to a common laser pointer) and the laser light is passed through a proprietary set of optics including a diffraction grating. This causes the light to be spread out over a very large area, which means the light is safe to the eye at any distance.

Our sole focus on 3D computing enables us to produce superior 3D hardware as well as a platform for creative coders and pioneering developers to create amazing 3D experiences. The company’s end-to-end investment in 3D technology includes developing a proprietary microchip that can process depth data in real time and establishing its own manufacturing line to control cost and quality. No other company has the same level of focus, commitment, and investment. From silicon to the cloud, Orbbec’s end-to-end investment in 3D technology means we can offer state-of-the-art technologies at prices that were unimaginable until now.

Yes! Orbbec understands that creatives and engineers need great tools to build great 3D experiences. The Orbbec Astra SDK enables developers to begin building new 3D experiences immediately with both the Orbbec Persee and the Orbbec Astra line of 3D cameras.

The Orbbec Astra SDK can be downloaded at orbbec3d.com.

Yes. The SDK supports Windows, Linux, and Android, as well as creative coding frameworks such as Unity3D.

All cameras in Orbbec store are ready to ship now.

Yes! We’re happy to let anyone around the world experience our 3D technology and we support international shipping anywhere in the world.

Yes! We offer deep discounts for customers interested in making a large, volume purchase. Please send email to info@orbbec3d.com and someone from our sales team will get back to you soon.

Orbbec is always like to connect with colleges and students. As for pricing, please email info@orbbec3d.com with your college email address, and we will come back to you.

We have a narrow band filter in front of the IR camera. So it cannot be used as a thermal imaging device.

Yes, of course. You can use our sensor in single camera mode or multi-camera mode for full body scanning.

Yes, ROS officially supports our product. You can get it from our GitHub channel. https://github.com/orbbec

The baseline of Persee and Astra series cameras is 75mm. Astra Mini is 55mm.

Yes, our cameras have passed electrostatic immunity tests.

The IR flood will help you enable to get a clear IR image without any projected pattern. This is helpful in some algorithms such as edge detection.

Astra Series: M6x7.2mm

Persee: 1/4-20TPI