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The number and range of consumer and enterprise devices featuring biometrics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has continued to expand at the 2020 event. Blurams, ADT, abode systems, Hampton, Tapplock, Samsung, Orbbec, and Swann are all launching or displaying biometric products at CES 2020, in addition to the various other application categories well-represented this year, such as automotive and smartphones.

Physical and logical access control

3D camera manufacturer Orbbec is demonstrating implementations that recognize people and objects for applications from robotics to AI and gaming to retail checkout at CES. Prominent among them is smart lock with facial recognition and liveness detection, the company suggests is effective for business, home, or hotel use. The smart lock identifies individuals in one to two seconds, and enables keyless door access with financial-grade security, according to the announcement.

Orbbec also provides the 3D camera used for facial recognition by an Oppo smartphone, as well as a self-checkout solution with facial biometrics by Elo.