Body Tracking SDK

The Orbbec Body Tracking SDK
(included in Astra SDK)

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Product Introduction

Body Tracking SDK

Orbbec designed the Body Tracking SDK to make 3D cameras more intelligent about us and our world. Orbbec Body Tracking enables computers to use the 3D data from our cameras to see and understand human bodies. Developers can use this SDK with Orbbec 3D cameras to create intuitive and innovative applications that unlock the potential of 3D vision.



Concept and Design

ORBBEC developed all the core technologies of the Astra series camera, including the optical design, depth calculation algorithm, ASIC, and SDK.


In-House Mass Production

ORBBEC manufactures thousands of 3D cameras daily, and have incrementally increased production with algorithms that optimize the internal process.


Diverse Applications

Products can adapt to the needs of diverse vendors for diverse application scenarios and can be widely used in television, mobile devices, robots, VR/AR and other fields.