Astra Embedded S

Astra Embedded S is a high-performance 3D camera module. This next generation camera is built with Orbbec 3D’s advanced structured light technology and perfect for embedded short-range 3D imaging applications.

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Product Introduction

Astra Embedded S

The Astra Embedded S is Orbbec’s next generation structured light 3D camera – Be a part of the future for depth sensing cameras! It is a compact sensor with increased frame rate and field of view. The Astra Embedded S continues to impress with its USB3.0 connectivity and an upgraded color imaging sensor.

The Astra Embedded S provides computer vision that enables dozens of functions for close range high precision applications such as face identification, gesture recognition, three-dimensional measurement, and AR/VR.



Concept and Design

ORBBEC developed all the core technologies of the Astra series camera, including the optical design, depth calculation algorithm, ASIC, and SDK.


In-House Mass Production

ORBBEC manufactures thousands of 3D cameras daily, and has incrementally increased production with algorithms that optimize the internal process.


Diverse Applications

Products can adapt to the needs of diverse vendors for diverse application scenarios and can be widely used in television, mobile devices, robots, VR/AR and other fields.

3D Camera Applications


Healthcare Applications

A safer way to prevent our aging population from the risk of falling, and more fun for rehabilitation training.


Retail Management

Facial Recognition, People Counting, Inventory Monitoring, Interactive Showcase, and other retail analytics use cases.



Transform the way agricultural and industrial companies automate inspection, measuring, picking and evening weighing with 3D cameras.


Robot Vision

Real-time robot vision for indoor mapping, localization, object avoidance, and interaction. ROS compatible.


3D Scanning

Collecting depth data of real-world objects and spaces to reconstruct digital three-dimensional models.


Smart Home / Building

Build an interconnected system that provides advanced security, cutting-edge convenience and higher efficiency for your home or office.

Product Specifications

Product Name Astra Embedded S
Dimensions 68.6mm x 22.35mm x 14.8mm
Range 0.25-1.5m
Power Consumption Average: 2.2W
Depth Resolution Framerate 1280×800@30FPS
RGB Resolution Framerate 1920×1080@30FPS
Depth FOV H67.9° V45.3° D78°±3.0°
RGB FOV H71.5° V56.7° D84°
Data Transfer USB
RGB Interface UVC
Operating System Android / Linux / Windows7/8/10
Power USB Type-C
Operating Temperature 10℃ ~ 40℃
Rating Class 1 Laser Product