3D Vision to empower AIoT

Facial Recognition

Orbbec's 3D face recognition payment solution has financial-grade commercial strength, solves the traditional 2D face recognition security dilemma, and provides a safe and convenient "senseless" payment experience for millions of consumers.

3D Scanning Solution

Collect complete three-dimensional data of people, objects and space in real time, perfectly integrate panoramic pictures and 3D data, and simultaneously generate people/object/space three-dimensional models and high-definition maps.

Robotic Solutions

Help the robot realize obstacle avoidance navigation, distance perception, three-dimensional map reconstruction, face recognition, behavior recognition and other functions.

Facial Recognition

3D Scanning



Use Cases

Provided quality products and services to more than 1000 customers worldwide



3D perception industry trends and Orbbec's latest information

Creation, Innovation, Customization

3D vision technology enables the efficient application of AI vision in the intelligent era.

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