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Orbbec 3D devices give businesses the best 3D tech available. Our 3D cameras can see, hear, and respond to people and their environments with unprecedented accuracy. Business customers worldwide are already using our 3D cameras to make their products better, give their customers more engaging experiences, and improve their internal systems and processes.

What You Can Do With Astra

Develop amazing 3D apps

Creative coders, hackers, and pioneering developers everywhere can use Orbbec Astra 3D cameras and Orbbec Persee to build inventive 3D apps for a wide variety of fields including digital art, home assistance, security, robotics, workplace collaboration, augmented reality, and more. And with network and WiFi connectivity, they can run and control their apps directly on Persee.

Our products

Orbbec Persee

The world’s first 3D camera-computer.

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Orbbec Astra

A powerful 3D camera with VGA color.

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Orbbec Astra Mini

Designed with compactness in mind.

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In the news

Persee is a unique device that combines a 3D, depth perceiving camera, with an integrated ARM computer.

Their new product, Persee, is a ‘3-D camera-computer’ not unlike the Kinect in appearance, but with more brains, a lot more brains.

Orbbec…is jump-starting the next generation of intelligent vision.

How do I purchase devices?

You can purchase our Persee, Astra and Astra Pro 3D cameras today online or call 1 (248) 284-4673 for bulk order pricing.

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Is your SDK ready for download?

Yes. A preview version of our Astra SDK can be downloaded. We also are committed to inspiring a culture of innovation and openness, so we’ve open sourced our SDK on GitHub.

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Where can I see your tech in action?

Our sales team would be happy to give you a demonstration, just send us an email. Additionally, we will be at CES 2017. Please come by our booth; we’d love to meet you!

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How do I learn more?

Check out our FAQ. If you still have additional questions, please send us an email.

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