Orbbec Launches UniXR Depth™: The Seamless Solution for XR Content Display with RGB-D Depth Cameras

  • 2023.05.18
  • Orbbec 3D

Real-Time XR from a Single RGB-D Camera

Streamlined 3D Display on All Devices

Direct Rendering - No Additional Steps

Troy, Mich, May 18, 2023 - Orbbec, a leading provider of 3D visual perception technology solutions, is thrilled to introduce UniXR Depth at AWE USA 2023. This groundbreaking solution transforms the way we create and consume virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) content by seamlessly integrating 3D content into various devices, eliminating the need for additional processing.   

Create Real-Time XR with a Single RGB-D Camera  

A single RGBD camera is all you need to broadcast live content to any head-mounted VR/AR terminal, offering your audience a truly immersive experience, no matter where they are. 

Direct render: Zero Extra Processing  

UniXR Depth™ streamlines VR/AR/MR content creation by converting RGB-D data streams into ready-to-display stereoscopic image pairs, eliminating the need for extra processing. 

Universal Compatibility  

Our solution is designed to work across all platforms - from PCs, FPGAs, ASICs, to embedded edge computing systems and cloud computing servers. 

Unmatched Accessibility to Immersive 3D Content 

Stream highest quality video content directly from the headset camera to your eyes, on any device. Our unique technology offers an immersive experience with a clear external view via dual helmet-mounted cameras - no baseline adjustment required. 

Licensing and Customization  

Empower your systems with our cutting-edge algorithms. With our comprehensive ODM/OEM services, we stand ready to tailor our technologies to your specific needs. 

Orbbec UniXR Depth revolutionizes sectors such as entertainment, gaming, healthcare, real estate, education, retail and sports training. In the entertainment sector, it enables the creation of stunning 3D visual effects and cost-efficient AR/VR/MR content for film and television. Gamers will experience a seamless transition between VR, AR and MR with virtual content blending seamlessly with the real world. 

This revolutionary technology also enhances the healthcare industry by offering realistic 3D live stream views for remote surgery, surgical training and revolutionizing remote physical therapy. Therapists can offer real-time feedback, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of remote therapy sessions. Furthermore, UniXR Depth™ empowers coaches and athletes to analyze performance in 3D, uncovering new insights and enabling remote training and coaching opportunities. 

Attendees at AWE USA 2023 will have an exclusive opportunity to witness the capabilities of UniXR Depth™ firsthand, immersing themselves in captivating, processed images and real-time 3D experiences showcased at the expo. 

Since its inception in 2013, Orbbec has spearheaded 3D sensing and computer vision, consistently delivering innovative solutions. From designing silicon chips and patented structured light patterns to creating 3D cameras with unparalleled accuracy, range, resolution and responsiveness at unbeatable prices, Orbbec has solidified its position as a leading innovator in the 3D vision space. 

For more information about Orbbec and its revolutionary  UniXR Depth, visit Booth #1242 at AWE USA in Santa Clara, California from May 31 to June 2, or contact us through our website. 

About Orbbec 

Orbbec is on a mission to popularize 3D vision technology for the 3D world, create a full-stack platform for industry solution developers and build smart products with industry-leading performance and value.