ORBBEC launches Gemini 2

  • 2023.03.27
  • David Chen

ORBBEC launches Gemini 2, an Active Stereo Vision 3D Camera with No Blind Zone Wide-FoV Depth Measurement and up to a Range of 10m 

Today, the Gemini 2 is officially available for purchase on the ORBBEC website.  The Gemini 2 originally launched in January at the CES 2023 convention in Las Vegas to much excitement. This newest camera is equipped with ORBBEC’s next generation depth engine chip, providing a 100° wide field of view along with a no blind zone technology in close range, making it possible for depth measurement from 0 distance to the range of 10m. Small but powerful, Gemini 2 has a built-in high-performance six-axis IMU, which provides high-precision linear acceleration and angular velocity measurements; the camera has hardware D2C registration support, which significantly lowers the requirements for the computing power of the host computer while ensuring pixel-level alignment of depth and RGB images. The, Gemini 2 supports flexible multi-camera synchronization, which can be easily applied to various scenarios such as robotic arm picking, human body/object reconstruction and dimension measurement. 

Ultra-large field of view and high-precision depth measurement 

Gemini 2 is ORBBEC’s new-generation 3D camera based on active stereo vision  technology, equipped with ORBBEC’s newest depth engine chip, with an FoV over 100° diagonal for an ultra-large spatial range of depth measurement. With the innovative depth engine, higher depth integrity, precision, details and artifacts suppression can be achieved, thus greatly improving the depth image quality of Gemini 2.    

In the depth range of 0.15m-10m, Gemini 2 captures and outputs high-quality depth images. To get the depth information from the blind zone of the active stereo vision module, Gemini 2 integrates a point ranging unit that provides millimeter grade depth measurements. Combining the point ranging detection with the depth images, Gemini 2 becomes a no blind zone depth measurement 3D camera from 0 to 10m. 

Gemini 2 supports three depth modes, in which a depth measurement can be made with priority to precision or quality. The depth modes help balancing between precision level, framerate, power consumption and enhancing the low reflection and semi-outdoor environments performance for different application scenarios. 

Multi-resolution hardware, Depth to Color registration and built-in depth computing unit 

Gemini 2 has a hardware D2C (Depth to Color) registration function, which enables pixel-level spatial alignment of depth and color image at multiple resolutions. The camera supports two registration modes: hardware and software alignment. The camera has a built-in depth computing unit, which significantly lowers the requirements for the computing power of the host computer. 

Additionally, Gemini 2 supports internal depth and RGB frame synchronization, external multi-camera synchronization, and cross-platform development toolkit, ORBBEC SDK. With the flexible multi-camera configuration, various and easy-to-use sync accessories, it helps with fast development of various applications. 

Small but powerful, Gemini 2 has an overall size of 90 x 25 x 30 mm (± 0.5mm) and can be easily integrated into a variety of smart devices. The camera has a built-in 6-axis IMU, which facilitates the development of mobile platforms and metaverse-related applications. In terms of safety, Gemini 2 has passed RoHS 2, Class 1, EMC, FCC, and KC certifications, ensuring its security in use. 

High adaptability to more scenarios, empowering global developers 

Gemini 2 is a 3D camera with an extremely wide scope of applications launched by ORBBEC. It can be widely used in scenarios related to 3D vision, such as robotic arm, human body/object scanning, dimension measurement, medical rehabilitation, exercise and fitness, smart farming, and smart retail. 

In a robotic arm scenario, Gemini 2 can assist the robot arm accurately picking the target from randomly piled up objects. In the human body scanning scenario, Gemini 2 supports 3D human body reconstruction by outputting high-quality depth images, achieving millimeter level accuracy of human body measurement. Supported by application-based algorithm and analysis, it can output several human health indices and posture results such as body leaning angles, knee joint position, misaligned shoulder, and posterior/anterior pelvic tilt. In the dimension and volumetric measurement scenario, Gemini 2 can cover depth acquisition at various ranges, and can be used in combination with customer application to accurately measure and mark target dimension and volume. 

Full Production Control with In-House Manufacturing 

Orbbec is producing Gemini 2 in its self-owned factory and has full control over the supply chain. The self-owned factory production enables the ability to have complete control over the production process, allowing for greater efficiency and the ability to ensure stable and long-term supply the product. Having control over the supply chain helps Orbbec to manage costs and reduce waste which further ensure the competitive pricing for the customer.