Orbbec Logs Major Growth In 3D Sensor Sales In 2021

  • 2022.01.05
  • /www.prnewswire.com

"Many industries, from autonomous service robotics to retail ordering and checkout kiosks, are growing quickly due to the demand for touchless solutions that has arisen due to COVID-19," said David Chen, co-founder and chief technical officer, Orbbec. "3D sensors are necessary for robot navigation, facial recognition, touchless controls, room sensing and many more. As a leading global manufacturer of 3D sensors, Orbbec has the resources and expertise to satisfy manufacturing requirements."

In 2021, Orbbec unveiled a number of new sensor products to meet the needs of OEMs in industries such as healthcare, fitness, logistics, security and many more. New products unveiled this year included:

·         A TOF (time-of-flight) sensor that scans moving objects with a depth-of-field range from 0.2 to 5 meters and the ability to be used in complete darkness.

·         An industrial-level 3D camera with ultra-high depth resolution and real-time 3D reconstruction

·         The Astra+, an addition to Orbbec's existing Astra line of structured light 3D cameras featuring better thermal performance and an RGB camera with 1080p resolution.

·         The Zora P1, a processing board giving developers and enthusiasts the ability to integrate 3D imaging and associated computing tasks in a compact, all-in-one solution.

To further advance its R&D efforts, Orbbec increased its engineering staff from 100 to 300. Over 500,000 Orbbec 3D cameras shipped in 2021, outpacing the rate of production compared to others in the 3D segment.

Microsoft/NVIDIA Partnership

Of particular note for 2021 is the development partnership announced in May between Microsoft and Orbbec to jointly develop new products and technologies in 3D imaging. The companies are collaborating on a series of high-performance 3D cameras featuring advanced depth vision algorithms, and will run on compact NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computer units to reduce total cost by several hundred dollars (USD).

The first of the series, designed for applications in human machine interface (HMI), robotics, 3D scanning and surveillance as well as gaming and other consumer products, will debut in sample form in Q1 of 2022, with mass production anticipated in Q2.

"Orbbec continues to be a reliable, robust and diversified supplier of world-class 3D imaging technology," noted Chen. "While other suppliers are shrinking their offerings, Orbbec is expanding its capabilities and is ready to supply manufacturing needs in 2022 and beyond."

About Orbbec

Orbbec is dedicated to creating intelligent technologies for every human, everywhere. Achieving this requires superb 3D cameras that are affordably priced and universally available. Orbbec designs and manufactures state-of-the-art 3D cameras and the world's first camera-computer, Orbbec Persee. Learn more about Orbbec by visiting the website, www.Orbbec3D.com.