Fitness Training – Smart mirror

Health and fitness are the core of our lives. People are constantly looking for ways to get fit and do exer-cises for toning our body and stay calm in our mind. Although gym and home fitness has been in our lives for decades – from live TV program in early 90s to current live-streaming fitness program on Instagram or YouTube; from one-to-one personal training pro-gram to group training at the gym. We are all struggling with the level of engagement, consistency of fit-ness training and having fun.

Given the situation of Covid-19, the Technology startup FITTAR based in Netherland, has accelerated its fitness solution – Smart Mirror to work out and enjoy doing exercise at home at any time. The technology break through is powered by Orbbec’s advanced 3D sensing technology and body motion tracking in real time. Fittar’s smart mirror will bring a personalized fitness training and fun experience to everyone to explore the endless possibilities. ·

The FITTAR program provides over 1500 workouts. There are also a variety of class types, instructors, and playlists. These classes are for beginners, advanced sporters, kids and even the elderly.  

Smart Mirror uses motion tracking sensors to engage users and get instant feed-back during exergames and exercising.

Beyond physical training, FITTAR Smart Mirror is also equipped with multiple Cognitive Reaction Games

FITTAR is expanding the offering with online live classes and personal training, along with fitness schedules for weight loss and muscle building.

 FITTAR gives users a great level of interactivity, fits everyone’s personal needs. They are combining the know-how of their team along with professionals in the sports and fitness fields, to ensure a great user experience.