Gesture Control Technology

The current pandemic caused by COVID-19 is forcing us to rethink how we should be interacting with devices that we regularly use in public spaces. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the virus can remain active on hard surfaces for many hours. The longevity of this virus is such that it makes us question the risks of using touchscreen technology in public spaces. Public touchscreens are found nearly everywhere, they are used in information kiosks, grocery self-checkout stands, airline counter check-ins, train & subway ticketing machines, bank ATMs, vending machines and many more.



We need a new paradigm for machine interaction, one which is still easy to use and at the same time safe.

Gestoos is a leading provider of activity recognition and spatial interaction software with offices in San Francisco and Barcelona. The company's core product is a computer vision-based artificial intelligence solution that enables 3D camera equipped devices detect, understand, and respond to human gestures, movements and activities.

 For use in public spaces, Gestoos has developed an AI technology that emulates a touchscreen experience but that eliminates the surface infection risk contributing to public health. It utilizes 3D camera to detect and understand hands & fingers, enabling a virtual "air" click.