Industrial AR for Manufacturing

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LightGuide is the world’s premier patented visual guidance platform. Guided by Orbbec 3D camera, they are delivering the right information, in the right place, at the right time. Their industrial AR platform produces an immediate impact on quality, productivity, and training. LightGuide’s transformative technology includes five patents that empower and optimize the best of human intelligence, lighting the way to a better, more productive future. 

There is a LightGuide solution for the primary applications on the factory floor, including- 

• Assembly 

• Part Picking & Kitting 

• Testing and Inspection 

• Training 

• Maintenance. 


Based on the study, LightGuide solution helps clients improve quality by 90%, throughput by 50% and training effectiveness by 30%. LightGuide’s plug-and-play AR solutions target functionality to meet a wide range of industry demands, including automotive, aerospace, and defense, with precision and consistency. The platform captures real-time operational metrics and analytics at any business scale to drive operational improvement with an ROI of six months or less. LightGuide system enables production solutions for smarter, safer, and more efficient manual manufacturing processes.