Digital Interactive Display


Partner Overview
 Augmenta is a sensorless tracking solution for creative applications and it has been designed and developed by Theoriz since 2012. Theoriz is a multi-awarded studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists, and creative developers. Combining scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and creative experiences.  

Theoriz interactive projects are used in: 

 ● Immersive spaces and museums 

● Theatres and stages 

 ● Events, shows and exhibitions 

 ● Art installations 

● Entertainment and amusement parks 

 ● Cinema and audiovisual productions 


 The real power in interactive displays/ AR VR gaming is their incredible versatility. Contents made with Augmenta are limited only by the user’s creativity, and with the right approach, they can leave customers with a memorable experience. Guided by Orbbec 3D camera, it catches customers/ visitor’s movements  in space to enhance the users’ experience.