Technology to achieve a more intelligent and accurate dimensioner



 Have you ever been overcharged by inaccurate shipping cost or Dimensional (or DIM) weight? Does estimate shipping cost bother you a lot?
In the $400 billion e-commerce industry, "free" and "fast" shipping are not affordable for many online retailers. The underlying reason is dimensional weight, a concept introduced by couriers like UPS and FedEx to account for the volume that a package occupies. In eCommerce, dimensional weight primarily dictates the final fees.

Many warehouses are struggling too about how to provide the accurate shipping information to forwarders with cheapest cost such as labor cost, handling cost and shipping cost. It might seem harmless, but just one little inch can make a big difference in what you pay for shipping.
Do not let dimensional weight chargebacks hurt your bottom line.


Tricolops technology, a Canada based company, created a parcel dimensioner designed to measure size of parcels for inventory control, outbound freight estimation and packing optimization. They use the Orbbec Astra S depth sensor and state of the art computer vision software to quickly measure parcel dimensions. Their product-RapidSize dimensioner is easy to use, easy to setup, and reliable in its operations, just like a scale. It can dimension parcels and even irregular shaped objects at instantaneous speeds, allowing businesses to effectively calculate dimensional weight, optimize space and packaging material without wasting time.
Based on their study, the clients have 3-7% reduction on freight costs depending on their carrier mix, location, package profile etc.
One of clients has seen the following results:

  • 99.93% accuracy rate between estimated and actual volume

  • 82.7% decrease in billable weight overcharge compared to prior      periods

  • 3.7% reduction in average freight cost per pound compared to prior periods, accompanied by a shift from selecting one carrier to another

  • That turns thousands of dollars in extra shipping fees into savings, enhancing shipping stations with top quality dimensioners.

Tricolops is now having over 200 warehouse and distribution center customers around the world. A major courier in the United States started to use Tricolops RapidSize dimensioner since 2020 and plan to expand this year.

Ultimately, this leads to significant revenue recovery, faster and cheaper shipping. At over 700 warehouse locations across the world, the Tricolops dimensioner has been the preferred choice for warehouses, third-party logistics providers, and post offices.