Play Your Way to Recovery


Staying active physically, socially, and mentally is the most important thing you can do to preserve your health while aging. Seniors who avoid isolation and inactivity enjoy better physical and mental health and a higher quality of life than their less active peers. In addition, falls are a common health concern and a leading cause of accidental death in older people worldwide. Over 30% of people aged 65 and over and 50% of people aged 80 and over fall at least once a year. So, how we provide a safe and interesting physical exercise environment to seniors or the patients who need rehabilitation?


How we prevent them falling during the rehabilitation? Solution: Not only will technology help cure illnesses, but the innovations will also boost the morale of people living with illnesses.  This is where MIRA and Orbbec step in, utilizing Orbbec 3D Depth camera with Body Tracking with Mira’s software that makes recovery and recuperation easier for patients, helping those who are coming through surgery or injury to regain their mobility as well as cognitive functions. With the introduction of gamification and virtual reality, patients have fun and interact in ways that make recovery, in the comfort of their home, possible.  Remotely monitored by physical therapists makes this just as effective as in-patient care. This technology also tracks the process of their recovery, providing valuable information that can be used to adjust and personalize therapy programs for a speedier recovery. 

• It makes physical therapy more engaging for patients recovering at home or at the clinic • It makes physical therapy more manageable for clinicians, allowing them to better keep track of their patients

• It allows customers to expand their market reach, reduce costs and offer innovative and high-quality care 

• Orbbec Body Tracking enables Mira to use the 3D data from Orbbec cameras to see and understand human bodies. 

• Orbbec Body Tracking follows 19 joints of the body for Therapist to isolate and target the specific area for rehabilitation.